Jordan Frye is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer. Frye grew up in Ventura, California surfing, skateboarding, and writing songs with his friends. "My greatest joy in life is having a good laugh with my wife, and coming in a very close second is making music with people I love for the betterment of the world."

Frye's music consists of playful acoustic guitars with contrasting wanderlust lyricism drawn from his own personal experiences and stories. Frye plans on releasing music starting early 2018 in hopes of discovering his own voice and sound again.

Frye also works directly with labels, publishers, and artists primarily from Los Angeles and Nashville with a unique focus on television and film. For several years Frye wrote and produced under Tim Myers (Founding member of One Republic) and crafted songs with singer-songwriter Tyrone Wells. Frye is based in Los Angeles and works with a group of writers, producers, and musicians focused on surrounding artists with the sounds and songs they’re searching for.

Frye’s band Urban Rescue released their first EP in 2009 and continues to travel all over the world. Urban Rescue first signed with Capitol CMG upon their full length album "Wild Heart" reaching #1 on the Christian and Gospel iTunes charts in the US and the UK in 2016, with significant radio airplay with singles "Never Stop" and "Song of My Father."

"I'm just excited to turn a new page and see what mischief I can make this year. There’s just so much out there that I want to discover as an artist, and I feel like it’s finally time to start exploring"


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