Story behind the song - Brothers + Sisters

jordan frye 1

Those left behind in the wake of the Parkland shooting will only carry on knowing we are in this together. “Thoughts and prayers” is one thing, but I want to be about real change, real action, and real love.

It was actually a song I'd been working on long before the shooting, but when the tragedy happened in Florida, I couldn't wait any longer to release it. Last year so people lost their lives due to natural disasters. Even in my home town of Ventura, California thousands of people had evacuate their home because of wildfire that rushed through Southern California. I started thinking about climate change, and everything in the media got me thinking: we're better together.

When we come together as brothers and sisters, there's nothing we can't accomplish. We’re family. After Parkland, I knew it was time to release the song into the wild where it belongs. Now "Brothers + Sisters" is forever dedicated to the family and friends of the victims whose lives were lost.

I hope to keep digging deeper into the human condition as an artist and tackling real sorrows that real people face in the world. If one songs can bring hope to one person, then I’m doing something right as an artist.