Story behind the song - Nothing Like Home

jordan frye at santa monica beach

So to be totally honest, I’ve never been to Tokyo. But it’s on the top of my bucket list. I wanted Tokyo to be the first line because I knew it would throw some gasoline on the fire to actually get out there.

I have a tattoo of a small cottage on my right forearm. Growing up in a broken home I can’t tell you my address. I spent the first 18 years of my life bouncing from mom’s house, dad’s house, grandma’s house, apartments - I would even spend weeks at a time crashing at my friends’ houses. It was all good, but I never had that sense of “Home.”

I spent the majority of my 20’s traveling the world. I toured the US 5 times, and even toured the UK, and parts of Indonesia. But in all that time I realized home isn’t a location necessarily, it’s a feeling.

For some people home is a relationship with the person they love, or that smell of the Pacific Ocean. I discovered home for me has always been knowing I’m not alone, that God is always there wherever I go, as close as the tattoo on my forearm.