Empire Promo - "Who Are You"- Co-Writer with Svrcina, Produced by Super Duper

SYTYCD Promo - "Fighter"- Writer & Producer

Urban Rescue - "Song of My Father" - Writer Jordan Frye

Co-written with Tyrone Wells &

Co-Produced with Dustin Burnett

  • "Feel Good"
  • "Gravity" 
  • "In Our Blood"
  • "Simple Life" 

Co-written with Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith

  • "I Know"
  • "Just One Touch"
  • "Alive In You"

Co-Written with Wildcat! Wildcat!

  • "Straight to the Top"
  • "Relentless (Feat Wynne)"
  • "High Low"

Co-Written with Zach Williams & Jonathan Smith, with Additional Instrumentation

  • "Freedom"