A little bit about me.

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Born and raised in the West Coast surf town of Ventura, California, Jordan Frye grew up surfing, skateboarding, and making music. After ten years traveling with his band Urban Rescue around the world (across the US, UK and Ireland, Mexico, Canada, and Indonesia), Frye is stepping out as a solo singer-songwriter for the first time. His new music reverberates with the straightforward honesty of artist with much to say and much style to say it. Frye’s songwriting belongs to a tradition of storytelling-rich lyricists like Sufjan Stevens but is infused with the energy of indie-alt pop experimenters like Sean Mendes or Ed Sheren. His introspective songs pull from episodes of his life and are infused with a strong Southern California vibe. There are free-spirit anthems, like “Nothing Like Home” and synthy bops, like “Sticks and Stones.” In "Skyrockets," Frye creates a nostalgic mood inspired by his experience re-falling in love with his wife with a lush, cinematic orchestration. And, in tracks like “Peace Sign Up,” which is a response to the systemic climate of racism and inequality in America, Frye isn’t afraid to speak his mind and get political. While he has written songs for the likes of Welshly Arms, Tyrone Wells , Tim Myers, Wildcat! Wildcat!, CCM’s Kim-Walker-Smith, and Grammy Award Winning country artist Zach Williams, Frye’s latest release represent a voice all his own.