After ten years writing and producing behind the scenes in pop and television, landing placements for So You Think You Can Dance, Starz, American Idol, and Fox’s hit series Empire Jordan Frye has emerged with his debut solo singer-songwriter album “Oh, Los Angeles” - an ode to the highs and lows of surviving in LA.

Born and raised in Ventura, California Jordan Frye grew up skateboarding, surfing, and writing songs. “Oh, Los Angeles” is a reel of Frye’s own personal life - disguised in cinematic moments and catchy sing-alongs. You can feel the back-beat grit and sand between each lyric, with the breeze of west-coast pop production soaring through the air.

“I wanted create a world that people could identify with universally, and translate into advertisement, documentaries, and film. I wanted my small personal experience in LA to become a part of the larger human narrative. We all experience moments of love, loss, joy, pain - losing yourself and coming back home again. I just believe the best stories are the most universal ones.”

While LA is the backdrop scene for Jordan, songs like “Peace Sign Up” and “Sticks & Stones” paint pictures of a world that we all live in and share together, while “Skyrockets” and “Shine Like Gold” hit straight to soul the hopeless romantic.